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FILM LOCATION SCOUT services company Plan-It Locations, Inc. was founded in July of 1997 as a film location scouting company based in West Hollywood, California (CA). For over ten years Plan-It Locations, Inc. has worked with numerous film producers, photographers, videographers, special event organizers, and television and film production companies to scout for the most suitable movie, film, and special event locations in Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, and San Bernardino Counties for their special film projects, movie productions and special events.

FILM LOCATION SCOUT SERVICES COMPANY Plan-It Locations, Inc. has a diverse and expansive online FILM LOCATION photo library from which to find the best possible movie location and film locations at reasonable special event location rental fees - this, along with film friendly location owners. Plan-It Locations, Inc. staff is knowledgeable and well trained, willing to do whatever it takes to scout for the ideal film location making your movie project or special event a great success.

Our FILM LOCATION SCOUT staff associates are also courteous and provide excellent customer service. We continually strive to improve our LOCATION SCOUT SERVICES to you and bring closure to your film location rental choice as quickly as possible. You will find that Plan-It Locations, Inc. is always scouting for locations and creative ways to streamline our movie location scout services to assist our clients in every phase of film, television production, movie, video, still photography and special event location planning.

We consider ourselves a unique location company that has developed four key phrases to inspire "success thinking:"
· Knowledge is power!
· The customer is always right!
· Remain flexible!
· The client's success is our first priority!

As a result of our "consistent success thinking strategy," Plan-It Locations, Inc. has developed long-term relationships with many local, statewide and overseas film producers. We look forward to including you among our many great and long-standing movie and film location scout company clients!

For more information about our film location scout and movie location scouting services company, please contact us at
(818) 376-6506


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