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Sorrento Valley Location Scouts

What Sorrento Valley Location Scouts Do?

Sorrento Valley location scouts focus their efforts finding locations that want to work with film-makers. Locations featured in the Plan-It Locations databases belong to property owners who are interested in working with directors and producers from all over the world, so people in the motion picture industry can be sure that the featured property is owned by someone who has already expressed an interest in their property being featured.

Most of the property already comes with the props needed to produce a high-quality film, and many of the properties are being maintained as what they represent - a Laundromat, for example, is likely being used daily as a Laundromat. The film agreements written by Sorrento Valley location scout experts reflect the needs of both the property owners and the film or commercial producers who want to use the properties.

What About Filming Needs

Sorrento Valley location scouts know what film-makers need in order to produce their films. The agreements settled upon between the property owner and the film-maker address needs - such as electrical needs, pool heating, and telephone - and, they know the dates the property may not be available so they don't waste your time.

The Plan-It Locations, Inc. network includes film producers, Hollywood commercial photographers, movie production companies, videographers, special event organizers, film location scouts, special event location managers, photo scouts, licensed real estate brokers and leading film and television commercial production companies. They are able to fill the needs of a diverse community.

The Professional Sorrento Valley Location Scout

Sorrento Valley location scouts are professionals who take their business very seriously. They are tactful and business savvy individuals who value their customers on both sides of the negotiating table. If you're represented by one of the location scout experts at Plan-It Locations, you can rest assured that your needs will be represented, and that your filming will go smoothly.

To find a Sorrento Valley location scout in your area, contact Plan-It Locations at 818-376-6506, or e-mail You may also visit and fill out the form under contact us. If you're a property owner who wants to serve the needs of the film industry by offering your property, visit the property owners' registration page and a location scout expert will contact you.

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