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Film Locations in San Luis Obispo

Film Locations in San Luis Obispo Boast Diversity

Whether you're looking for a posh location or something in the "seamy slums of south central," film locations in San Luis Obispo will make the setting real. Our diverse and expansive database at Plan-It Locations covers all the angles - inside or outside.

Using film locations in San Luis Obispo, because it is such a diverse city, will save the film-maker in the expense of moving an entire set to another state. If you need it depicted in a film, San Luis Obispo probably has it. Plan-It Locations is also always growing and changing to accommodate the needs of its clients. We are continuously in the market for new locations and new ways to streamline the process in order to assist our clients in every phase of filming their television production, movie or video.

Locations in San Luis Obispo and Beyond

San Luis Obispo isn't the only county represented in Plan-It Locations, Inc. database. Properties from Orange, Ventura, San Bernardino and other California counties also fill the pages of our special locations libraries that have been catalogued to serve the varied needs of our clients.

If you watch movies, films, or television shows at all, you have probably seen hundreds of locations that we have scouted, found and brokered for our clients. We have more than 90 searchable categories on our user-friendly website that include every setting that has been in a movie. Categories include mansions, high-tech houses, architectural homes, cabins, warehouses, lofts, castles and courthouses to name a few.

Our Customer Service Sets Us above the Rest

Part of our success at Plan-It Locations can be attributed to our customer service attitude. We consider our clients' needs most important and have the vast resources to see to those needs. Our clients' views, whether they are ever-changing or set in stone, come first. Our client's success means our success, which is why film-makers from all over the world come to us for all their film location and scouting needs.

Location, Location, Location

At Plan-It Locations, we take pride in our steadily growing client base. Location is as important to us as it is to our clients and that is why they stay with us year after year and film after film. They are our first priority and we will find the locations of their imaginations. For more information about our film location scouting services, please e-mail us at, or call 818-376-6506.

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